progression through [un]learning.

i listen alot to posion the well and snapcase the last time.
and it reminds me of……the natural change of  things, of yourself….and the world around you.
do you remember the time, when you was younger and thought that you can change the world or if not, at least…set it on fire?
but then something happend….you got cynical, hate changed to anger [every loser can hate, anger is personal. its different. its the force that makes you insane and the fuel to change something.]  and you became more misanthropically.
you started to think about the ways the world works, tried to understand how and why people do such stupid and awful horrible things to eachother…..and then you get the point….you will never understand it.never.
but the need to understand will be there. it’s a paradox, its a curse….and a bless, cause its keeps you alive, keeps you thinking about human acts in any way. you start to read alot, from social-science-mind-books to economy related stuff, just to get the ways the world works.
and in this way you evolute. you progress.
the progress comes along with learning, with mistakes, with change of views in things….and you get more and more cynical haha. cynical in the way of actings and words from people, you try to keep yourself away from the most, cause most of time you get dissapointed or you realize that alot of them dont have anything to say…they just open thier mouth to breath and noises falling out.
i started to speak barely about things that matters with strangers, cause most of time its senseless. the truth is, most people didnt got any deeper opinion than the first 3 lines of the newspaper. fuck them. i know that i’m kinda smarter, but i dont have to talk about highly intelligent, philosophic things all the time. i choose, how and about what i gonna talk, if its smart or just stupid blabla [whats pretty much entertaining sometimes] if i wanna talk. if not. let me alone.
to get the point here -> anger = progression = evolute = self €“determination.
so, if you still got some fucking anger in you, try to change something [or at least start to try to understand and how you can be not a part of big, dumb senselesslifemachine] , start with yourself, you have only 2 ways : change or cry yourself to death about it.
edit: i should say something about the mighty snapcase.
they are around me since ill got in the hardcore/punk-scene around 1997/98.  when i heard them first, it hit me like a wave, the energy, the dynamic of the sound, the pushing-forwardfeeling of the voice.
i always got the feeling, that the someone stands in front of me,and screams in my face, that i should fucking do something with my life, that i dont have any excuse to stand still and get lost in insignificance.
i still remember the feeling, that they got something to say when i listened to their music, [hey, i was younger, my english was way worse than now] and sit with the cd-booklet at home and a dictionary ,try to figure out the words and the meanings. and fuck hell, they had something to say. i still love them to death. they progress in sound like i do. with me. who knows.
the begin of the progress:
‚can you expose yourself? can you peel off another layer?
will you make the time? the time to take control.
because only you can save yourself, only you can save your soul.
and once you save yourself, insecurities will die…‘
the progress evolutes.
‚…don’t sell us the perfect image we’ll struggle to find out ourselves
we want the unpopular challenge we want, we want to test our intellect…‘
the progress is done.
‚…the next step, we’ll block them out. this barricade will buy us time. through smokescreens,  we’re on the move
reclaim identity..‘

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Eine Antwort zu progression through [un]learning.

  1. Mia schreibt:

    People most of time have nothing so say. Thats because people most of time are empty. they are robots programmed at birth to do what the society wants them to do. To be who the society wants them to be and to think how the society wants them to think. Mass media products.

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