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progression through [un]learning.

i listen alot to posion the well and snapcase the last time. and it reminds me of……the natural change of  things, of yourself….and the world around you. do you remember the time, when you was younger and thought that you … Weiterlesen

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the opposite of december…

this years winterseason isn’t mine. i remember the last years, i was cool with it, liked the snow, the cold and being outside with my headphones and listen to gloomy, dark music. but this time…it kinda bothers me, i rather … Weiterlesen

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the year is coming to end…..a damn fast year. the end of the first decade in the 2000’s. made hard decisions. but they had to made. lost some – won some. thats life. keep moving forward. probably straight to hell…but … Weiterlesen

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1st snowfall / 2nd december.

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